Audits Verification

For Bastille we have used the same contracts as our audited ones EXCEPT for changing max supply and max vive per second. We want to be open and transparent to our community but feel that the further incentive to get a 2nd audit may not be of value due to the minor changes. We will link the 2 masterchefs and token contracts of both $VIVE and $BASTILLE so that you would be able to check and verify on your own. Please ensure your own safety as we do our part to help ensure yours as well, thank you! VIVE: -VIVE Token: 0xe509db88b3c26d45f1fff45b48e7c36a8399b45a -VIVE Masterchef: 0x1277dd1dcbe60d597aaca80738e1de6cb95dcb54 BASTILLE: -BASTILLE Token: 0xcef2b88d5599d578c8d92E7a6e6235FBfaD01eF4 -BASTILLE Masterchef: 0x51839D39C4Fa187E3A084a4eD34a4007eae66238 Paladin Audit Site: We here want to make sure you guys are safe so check first and make sure!

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