Résistance Days

Résistance day is the concept of a strong resistance happening like the case for France in the 1944 but for Bouje Finance, Résistance Day is the moment of a momentous Buyback! We will be doing a HUGE buybacks when certain conditions are met. For each round we would be setting TVL and Liquidity conditions to trigger this Résistance Day.

  1. The First Résistance Day would be when Vive La Bouje hits $10 Million TVL.

  2. The next Résistance Day would be when Vive La Bouje get 750k in liquidity based SpookySwap's Analytics (https://info.spookyswap.finance/token/0xcef2b88d5599d578c8d92E7a6e6235FBfaD01eF4).

  3. Other Résistance Days will be seen accordingly as time goes

These Résistance Days will be Buybacks from minimum $15k to a lot higher depending on the goals and progress!

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