Bastille De La Bouje - focusing on safety and sustainability of our users.

Name: Bastille

Initial Mint: 680 - initial liquidity use 600, remaining 80 will be used for partnerships and liquidity.

Initial Liquidity: $3k USD - $2.995k in FTM and $5 in USDC (Locked with RugDoc)

LP-Pools: We would be just having BASTILLE-FTM LP incentivised to create a better liquidity experience

Initial Price: $5

Buy Link:

Emissions: Initially farming emissions will be at 0.05/Block, for this round we will be doing Dynamic and elastic emissions basis, raising APRs as necessary when certain criteria are fulfilled and multiple factors along the way.

Maximum Supply: 888,888,888 Bastille

Deposit Fees

There would be 0% fees on Natives and 4% fees on Non-Natives

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