APR Resets

We would like to first off give a headups and state that this concept was introduced by a solid yield farm called Swift Finance which we have personally seen it work and able to make a farm sustain while having solid longer term growth than any other farms that is on the current market.

How this works:

We have 3 native farms which are Bouje-FTM, Bouje-USDC and Bouje single staking. These 3 farms will be running indefinitely. At the same time there will be up to 8 non-native farms/pools which would have a deposit fee on them, and would have a reset every week (depending on popularity/community/growth may be longer).

Simply put it, for example - USDC pool at 4% deposit fee will run for 7 days (depending on popularity/community/growth may be longer), after all the USDC deposits will be left to the user to withdraw or forced withdrawn back to the owners.

This would mean that every week as the amounts deposited in non-natives reset, there would be a fresh inflow of deposit fees which help sustain the native project as well as give HIGH APRs for those who are interested in joining the project.

The resets on non-natives gives high APRs for non-native holders and help native holders gain more bang for their buck. This we expect would result in steady price and growth of the project as a whole.

Forced Withdraw (Don't Fear - Explanation)

If you are new to this concept it can sound quite scary, but do not fear this forced withdrawal would only work if it is sent back to the owner. This means that if you deposit 100 USDC for example, due to the workings of the smart contract, when forced withdraw is activated, this 100 USDC is sent directly back to the owner's wallets, with all earned tokens as well.

This function is necessary for the APR Resets to work without people cheating the system. This means that for sure, the pools when reset would not have any remaining cash/crypto in it and be able to avoid depositing again.

Furthermore, the forced withdraw would only work when the pool is set to 0 allocations.

How to choose following weeks farm?

This would be dependent on the investors choice and would be based on popularity of the member of Bouje Finance.

How APR reset will work:

Firstly for this round of APR resets only non-native pools would have to withdraw. Meaning all those people in FTM-USDC, USDC, WFTM, WETH, and WBTC would have to withdraw. Those in fPUP can keep their stake in the pools. For BOUJE-FTM, BOUJE-USDC, BOUJE and BOUJE DIVIDENDS you can keep your amounts staked. This APR reset will commence on the 10th November at 16:00 UTC. Please withdraw your amount beforehand for a smoother process. Do note that if you do not withdraw, it is alright, we will send the funds directly back to your accounts. For 16:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC there be 0 emissions as we will be setting up and deploying the new pools onto our farm.


Once the APR reset is done there will be a few boosters for our Native holders. Emissions will be set to 0.03 for the first 3 hours to offset and give an APR booster to all. Furthermore, the multiplier will be shifted and set to bump up the native APRs even more!

New multipliers:



BOUJE: 280x

Step by step if it was not clear:

  1. Withdraw Non-Natives (USDC, WFTM-USDC, WETH, WFTM, WBTC) by 10th November 16:00 UTC https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20211110T16&p0=1440&msg=BOUJE+FINANCE+APR+RESET&font=slab

  2. If not withdrawn we will force withdraw it back to YOUR own wallets (funds are safe)

  3. For the next 1 hour 16:00 UTC to 17:00 UTC there would be 0 emissions to prepare for reset

  4. Deposit Non-Natives at 17:00 UTC onwards

  5. Once pools are reset, there would be Emissions boost at 0.03 for 3 hours and increased multipliers for natives to BOUJE-FTM: 540x, BOUJE-USDC: 380x, BOUJE: 280x!


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