RugDoc KYC

Rugdoc KYC:

Liquidity locked: 0x8a3A27Ae9C4457739265D92D14AADC0594236aB1

Further clarifications

We would like to clarify based on Rugdoc's comments and what we are planning to do next!

The use for this function is such that we would be able to do the APR Reset feature. But do not fear this feature will be only called when doing APR Resets and will have proper announcements before!

We would not be adding any deflationary/transfer-tax tokens onto our pools.

The masterchef has been placed under a timelock: 0xdb6276AF443D9D6e9f3Ed57E5e28797BD60425f3

We see that per/block emissions are just as fine as per/time emissions, each block has a range of 1-2 seconds so there shouldn't be any issues and would work perfectly fine.

Our farming has begun this point is invalid.

The rationale for the code is such that in the case of having fixes and updates to the contract to make it safer, there is an opportunity to do so. Will only be called when necessary and proper announcements would be made beforehand. Furthermore, we have a timelock protecting the users.

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