Focused on wealth creation and building up right.

Name: Bouje

Initial Mint: 480 - initial liquidity use 400, remaining 80 will be used for partnerships and liquidity.

Initial Liquidity: $4k USD - $2k in FTM and $2k in USDC (Will be locked with RugDoc)

Initial Price: $10

Buy Link: 0x37F70aa9fEfc8971117BD53A1Ddc2372aa7Eec41

Emissions: For the FIRST 3 hours of farming emissions will be at 0.05/Block

After the 3 hours emissions would then be set to 0.01/Block

1. To give early supporters of Bouje Finance a slight reward

2. To keep further price action positive and stable for the farm.

Maximum Supply: 88,888 Bouje

Harvesting: 9.09% of harvest is direct to dev address - The APR calculated on the website is after the 9.09% is deducted. Meaning the APR rate is the correct amount for your staked and considers the 9.09% sent to dev address.

Deposit Fees

There would be 0% fees on Natives and 4% fees on Non-Natives

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